Shutter - COAD
  • COAD-50

    Wind Pressure Shutter

    Shutter designed to endure wind and rain at
    the velocity 45m/s without any deformation and damage
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  • COAD-51

    Fire shutter

    Integrated fire shutter to detect smoke and heat
    at fire and operate automatically
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  • COAD-52

    Double extrusion insulation shutter

    Shutter of double extruded slat filled with
    insulation material, maximizing insulation,
    freezing prevention, and soundproof effects
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COAD represents convenience automatic
door, pursuing safe and perfect construction of fast automatic
door beyond the negative image of Koreans’ impatience,
just as a snail moves slow but stable, leaving a trace.



COAD Speed Door, High-speed Automatic Door
Automatic Factory Door, Interlock

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