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Automatic Garage Door

Product Features

Panel garage door

  • With the use of urethane panels, this door safely protects a vehicle. As the No. 1 universal type,
    it can be installed economically.
  • Through powder coating, it is possible to produce this door with various colors and designs.
  • Resistant against rust, it can be used semi-permanently.

Product Features

Wood garage door

  • With the use of red cedar, it is possible to make a stylish design.
  • This door has excellent durability.

Product Features

Other garage door (shutter)

  • It is good for a site where it is hard to install an overhead door.
  • It is possible to make various designs.

Detail Contents

icon Features
  • Easy installation and no troubles
  • Easy to open manually at the time of failure or power out
  • Fast open and close; no risk of accident
  • Various designs in harmony with buildings
  • Stable and soft operation with the application of tensile spring type
icon Type

1. Urethane panel garage door (White, Silver, Walnut)

Various colors through powder coating

2. Wood garage door

Diverse and stylish designs with red cedar

3. Metal panel garage door (Aluminum, Zinc)

Various styles and colors

icon Sensor

3 channel remote controller



  • Open/ Stop/ and Close 3-channel remote controller
  • One remote controller for up to three doors
  • Direct transmission distance: 100m